From Germany it was off to Finland, Helsinki. After a very warm welcome from the devotees, Maharaja gave a small talk in the Helsinki temple and took an early rest to prepare for the next day. The day after we then went to some older house somewhere way out in the nature of Finland, where for three days a retreat was to take place. On the way there we stopped in the town Turku,  to bless the city with the chanting of the holy name in the form of harinama. The Harinama was received with a lot of enthusiasm, and some people even joined in the dancing.

The retreat was a relaxing weekend, filled with a lot of chanting and singing. Maharaja gave many classes about nama-tattva, which was also the topic of the retreat. There were also many programs for the devotees, like yoga, walks in the nearby forests, a real Finnish sauna and of course prasadam, which was cooked over open fireplaces.

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