Vasudeva is the ultimate goal in life.  There is no other goal in life.  The greatest
benefit is Krsna because nothing else is so beneficial.  There is nothing in this world
that we can possess that can match Krsna.  So why would we waste our time with
possessions of this material world?  Okay, while we are here we need to use
some things.  Some days are hot and some days are cold – and you never know.
So we need to adjust.  Today a little more clothes for most of us than a few days
ago.  It’s amazing how things can change so quickly.  And naturally we need
facilities in this world to deal with the material energy.  But beyond that why would
we get involved with the material energy?  What is the benefit?  It will simply make
us forget Krsna.   The more one becomes involved with the material energy the
more the risk is there that one forgets Krsna.  Of course if one uses the material
energy in the service of Krsna then it will not cover our remembrance of Krsna.
Then it will help us to remember Krsna.  And then one can use everything in the
material world.  But in our own private life why would we?  For service, yes.  But for
ourselves?  Simple, means freedom, it means free for worshipping Krsna.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Feb 2009, Melbourne, Australia)

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  1. Rukmini dd on

    That pic says, ” Yip, that me, Krsna! I’m God I’m the one!” lol