(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Brisbane, March 2011)

We can contemplate how Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appears in this world and that Krsna is human-like, or one could say “Humans are Krsna-like”. The human traits and human pastimes are corresponding with the nature of Krsna. So Krsna in the spiritual world is also showing human characteristics and Krsna is also showing many super-human characteristics, again and again – lifting Govardhan Hill or so many others when Krsna is just all-powerful and there is no limit to what He can do.

So it is interesting how Krsna is the all powerful, omniscient Supreme Personality of Godhead, and yet acting in a human way. In His pastimes, Krsna is employing Yogamaya for this purpose. The cowherd boys may come up, cover His eyes and say; “Guess who I am!” Just imagine Krsna saying; “I am the all-pervading Supreme Personality of Godhead, all-knowing … You can’t surprise me!” That would spoil the game!

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