Priya Vrata was being called upon by Lord Brahma to suddenly give up his plan, his plan for becoming self realised, which was a good plan  to stay disentangled. And he had to take up some entanglement to become a greater influence of Krishna consciousness in the world.

So it is very nice to meditate a little bit on this spirit of sacrifice and each and all of us can try and awaken a little bit more spirit of sacrifice. Sacrifice for the interest of this movement, rather than just:

‘My spiritual life is a very ,very  nice spiritual life with a very, very nice spiritual ashrama with lots of nice spiritual pictures on the wall and all the flowers are offered to Krishna and everything is so spiritual and so beautiful and so wonderful and so great…’

‘But in my heart, there is a vacuum, because in my heart I’m still more concerned with my own comfort, than with the comfort of Krishna. And therefore my whole Krishna world is still not enough to change the condition of my heart.’

(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radadesh, Belgium, May 2011)

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