Queensday! Thousands of people walking through the streets, singing, drinking and celebrating the Queen’s birthday in Amsterdam. It was really gross, people getting stoned, drunk and crazy. Sill, led by Kadamba Kanana Swami, a huge group of bold Vaishnavas made their way through the city. A Maha Harinama purified the streets of Amsterdam! The Harinama was intense: Five hours in the morning and another three hours in the evening – eight hours of ecstasy.

Vidyavicaspati Prabhu started with leading the Kirtana from Amsterdam temple to the city. Many of the orange dressed citizens joined in our singing and dancing! Next, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja took over the mike, and sure enough, through his ecstatic kirtana, brought the harinama to an even more intense level. Finally, on Dam square, Sacinandana Swami just went in complete absorption and it seemed, that he had made the whole square dance.

In that way the Harinama went on for the whole day and just showed how powerful and sweet this wonderful process of Harinama Sankirtana is.


If you cannot view the slide show below please visit flikr.



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