Transcribed By Dips Prabhu

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2011)

What do you think it will be like in ten thousand years?

Well, we can expect that it will take some time to catch momentum, but I think if we look at the Brahma Purana, it is said there will be:
‘ Ek varna Hari Bhakta ‘ – One class of men who will all be the devotees of Hari

So this is interesting, because it means that it goes beyond Varnashram and that it is no longer just – brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra a society of dovetailing material propensity, but Hari Bhakta means devotional service. Only one varna, so everyone is a devotee.

Well so what would the world be like if everyone was a devotee?

Then you can speculate that there are a few references. We do not have much, but we have two references in the Bhagavatam, and two purports. Srila Prabhupada says that the situation will change, and that it will no longer be like the Kali-yuga. He is saying in one purport that it will be like Tetra-yuga. In Tetra-yuga, there is some imperfection, and in another purport he says it will be like Satya-yuga. So whatever may be, it is also mentioned in the Bhagavatam that the conditions in the heavenly planets is like Tetra-yuga. So the Tetra-yuga must be pretty good! In the Satya-yuga, the grains start growing on their own – everything is jewels, minerals, gold and are just widely available without any trouble!

So what will the mentality of the people be like?

Well, it is Lord Caitanya’s movement after all that we are speaking about, and so Lord Caitanya’s movement is a movement of ‘spontaneity’. It is not the movement of vaidi bhakti. It is not the movement of devotional service according to rules and regulations. Of course in Lord Caitanya’s movement the rules and regulations are part of the process as Rupa Goswami has outlined, but it is meant to go beyond that to the spontaneous platform.

We expect that one class of men “Hari Bhakta” will be predominated by bhakti – by spontaneous devotional service and a natural attraction to Krishna. Lord Caitanya didn’t expect, a temple on the street corner, a temple in the other corner, and some places for study. In other words a nice vedic society, but that’s not Lord Caitanya’s Golden age, because that is not what Lord Caitanya came to give.
Lord Caitanya is particularly coming to teach how to become influenced by spontaneous love:

‘Namo maha-vadanyaya krsna-prema-pradaya
krsnaya krsna-caitanya-namine gaura-tvise namah’

It is about Krishna prema. Therefore what I think will happen is:
We will see people just totally absorbed – today we have a 12 hour kirtan, and then there will just always be kirtan everywhere in every house! The evil eye will disappear – the light from the television light reflecting off that wall in every living room! There will be a kirtan in every home at night.

It used to be like that in Vrindavan, in the seventies. When I used to stay in Vrindavan, there were no TV’s. Everywhere, you heard people, if you walked around in Vrindavan, – you would hear people having kirtan at night in their homes and that is what we need, but we also have to get to that stage, because we are part of the ugra karma world, since we tend to sleep at night in our ugra karma beds. Ugra – because everything is artificial – blankets are polyester fibres. God knows what ugra stuff that we will actually sleep in. We sleep in our ugra karma beds and we wake up to an ugra morning. We have an ugra-karma breakfast and whatever is on our plate is all ugra you know!!! A bit of this and a bit of that and we get into our ugra cars and we go to our ugra karma jobs and everything. We drive down the ugra karma streets, in the ugra karma cities and then come home and chant our rounds in front of the television and watch the news, whilst the children watch some cartoons.

So if you have the desire, then I am always eager to come to a special program to your home, and we’ll come with a kirtan party and then we will all go towards that television, pick it up, take it upstairs, open the window and then Hari bol! do the rest!!.

So if you wish to become liberated from the evil eye, then certainly at your service, any time let us know, because we need our time to chant Hare Krishna. That Golden Age is meant to come – will come through us! It’s not like we’re going to wait:

“Oh when will the Golden Age come? Oh when will it come?”
We are the Golden Age! It is us and how fast it will come? Depends on how fast we will make it happen!!

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