Transcribed by Dips Prabhu

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)

Lord Krishna in Dwarka, He had an amazing assembly house, the material influence was not there.. no one would die as long as they were in that palace, no one would get ill as long as they were in that palace, and that was the place where Krishna would give dharshan.. and here in the temple all the ingredients are there for the Golden Age, we have just got to absorb it, just tune in.

Leave behind what we bring with us. We are bringing Kali Yuga with us, we are carrying it with us everywhere and it is our difficulty – the anarthas within us – Kali yuga is deeply rooted within us.

It is not the government, It is not the multinationals, it is not Bill gates, it is not the ruthless politicians who are the enemy:

You have this sign in the zoo: “Dangerous animals”



“Crocodiles!” and then there’s a sign saying:

“To the most dangerous animal”

.. and you go around the corner and there is a mirror waiting for us!

That is us… the most dangerous animal, we are our worst enemies!

We are the most influenced by the Kali Yuga, that is the problem.. it is not like Kali Yuga is all around us:

‘How bad is it?’

‘How bad !’’

No, it is bad within us, if it wasn’t so much within us, then how can we be so much affected by it?

But we are thoroughly effected, sometimes we say life is like riding an elephant:

‘Sometimes you are on top of the elephant and sometimes the elephant is on top of you!’

So yes, we are mostly underneath the elephant and yes mostly under the weight of our own lifestyle.

So therefore in spiritual life, we have to put appropriate measures in place to change everything.. not that:

“Oh I’m chanting my 16 rounds ”

Well good for you, but not good enough:

“I’m following all sorts of principles”

Very good, but every trace of Kali Yuga has to go out, out, out!

Little by little let’s push it out of life and establish more and more the glorification of Krishna in every possible way….

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