Transcribed by Dips Prabhu

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)
I think there is one devotee in our movement who is really doing a significant service at the moment and his name is Vaisheshika. He is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada who also is a Spiritual Master in America, who is having a program for weekend warriors – He is the founder of the weekend warriors, and weekend warriors: Yes, men and woman, old and young are all going out on the weekends and distributing some books.

It is very well organised and taken care of. For example when they take a new person out on book distribution they say: ‘For the first few times you can not distribute books you can only watch’ – He said that if someone is a natural they will disobey their order and will start doing it! but if somebody is afraid then they’ll watch for three times and they will then feel good.

It makes it supportive, it is going on, this program is slowly catching on in California where he works – it is catching on in England and it is catching on in South Africa – It is definitely going to catch on!

I will do whatever I can to help that, because otherwise if we don’t do something about Kali Yuga then we will just sit here waiting for Kali Yuga to come through the door and gradually it grows over the doors, it goes through the windows, the mode of ignorance – and that is how it is – the business of this movement is to put out the transcendental sound vibration everywhere – and of course we do not want to pressurise ..I am proposing the gentle way, like Vaishaishika was saying: “We used to think that in Sankirtana and Book Distribution you had to climb over the wall, sneek in illegally, duck the security, distribute books and that was real Sankirtana”

He says “Nowadays, we just ask for permission and most of the times we get it!”…. so that was a good point….

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