Transcribed by Dips Prabhu

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)

In my time in Europe, we used to do hospitals with Prabhupada’s books and they used to just send us into a hospital, no permission – nothing!

We just walked into the hospital with the books.

Imagine, during the visiting hour, the ward is full of people – Two devotees go and one goes and stands on a chair and gives a speech,

“Today, we are a wonderful charity action and everyone is welcome to help out”

The other one gives everyone a book and waits to accept a donation – and then one person feels generous and walks up and the devotee says,

“This gentleman gave, look people see what you can do”

and in hospital everyone is in a charitable mood, but then suddenly in the middle of it all the main nurse would walk in and say:

“What are you doing here!!?”..

and then we would have to be very relaxed and say “The charity action”

She goes: “The charity action?”

“Yeah, the charity action”

and then she goes “huh?”..

…very suspicious but bewildered at the same time – meanwhile we would collect the last bit of cash, smile to all the people and “Thank you so much, very much appreciate it”

and we came out and sometimes the nurse is standing there and then we have to talk again with the nurse – sometimes if you talk fast you could escape – and then we would go one floor down and we would do it all over again!

I was almost a patient in this hospital!

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