Transcribed by Dips Prabhu

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)

We are the Golden Age!! How fast it will come?

Well that depends on how fast we will make it happen! As simple as that, and how fast we get into it, and then others will become influenced by us. So in that way we can cause a domino effect!
It will just spread, and ultimately Krishna Consciousness spreads from person to person and that is how it spreads. This also means that all the people of the world are meant to change their ways, and therefore we are the ones that have to change our ways!

“So why is that the Golden Age is not happening yet?”

This is because we are not happening yet, which is why we are not seeing it yet, and to some extent we maybe showing some Krishna Consciousness, but we still show a lot of compromise with the ugra karma work style.

Prabhupada called the modern factories in the Bhagavatam:

“The dungeons of the demons”

So we are working in the dungeons of the demons, and we are living in the Kali-yuga cave with the Kali-yuga dwellings and everything is like that, and everything is artificial. In Kali-yuga everything is artificial – artificial clothes, artificial food and everything is toxic – toxic paint on the walls. Everything is full of magnetic fields as well as radiation, and you would think that if you don’t have a phone, then you don’t have to worry about radiation, but everybody else has one and they are just zapping us! So it is like being zapped by a hundred phones – all at the same time! Some have not turned off their phones, and some people have the foolishness that when the phone rings, instead of turning their phone off, they go out of the Bhagavatam class!

I can appreciate if the wife is in hospital and ready to deliver the child, you know, that would be a reason to walk out of the Bhagavatam class, otherwise I would say chuck your phone into your drink, since it becomes pathological. If that phone wants to make you walk out on a Bhagavatam class then this is all influenced by the age of Kali – because the Bhagavatam class must be given priority over.
In everything, with whatever is going on now must stop, since one should take it like that – in that spirit, as it is given so much priority in the Bhagavatam.

Sanatana Goswami is describing that he has a prayer for the Bhagavatam which says:

‘The Bhagavatam is my best friend.
The source of deliverance.
The Bhagavatam is my eternal companion.
May I never be separated by the Bhagavatam’

So this is the Golden Age, here in this room is the Golden Age right now!

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