(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2002)

We tend to think about fair and unfair because of our childish nature…children they think like that – fair or unfair, but actually as we are maturing in Krishna Consciousness we begin to realise that everything is fair!

The thing is that Krishna cannot resist devotional service! That is a fact! So therefore, we do not need to worry about fair and unfair – Krishna cannot resist devotional service, so we have it in our own hands, and so through devotional service one can attract Krishna. That is the meaning of the word ‘Hare’ – it can steal away Krishna – it can attract Krishna! Madana-mohana-mohinī …Srimati Radharani can even attract the attractor of all – Krishna. So those who follow in the footsteps of her and serve Krishna, can attract Krishna. Krishna cannot resist. So we can bring Krishna and we can control Krishna by devotional service – that is the amazing power of devotional service!

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