Transcribed by Hina

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Vrindavan, 2008)

Just as the sun is pervading the entire universe with light, in this same way the soul is pervading the entire body with consciousness. Thus, the consciousness is now reflected within the material body, and now the living being is perceiving reality through the material body, but in fact the relationship with the material body is only temporary and is not at all part of his eternal nature.

Thus the thinking, feeling and willing which we are now experiencing through the material mind, which is part of the material body, is simply a temporary experience. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur explains that:

“When the spirit soul is entering into the material body, then that spirit soul is entering into a dormant state”

It is said that:

“Then the mind is borrowing the function of the soul – just as an ordinary bird may borrow the feathers of a peacock, and then surround with these feathers, but his is still an ordinary bird. In the same way, the mind borrows the functions of thinking, feeling and willing from the soul. Originally thinking, feeling and willing takes place on the platform of the soul, but in the embodied state, the soul enters into the body of this dormant state of consciousness and the functions of thinking, feeling and willing are now taking place through the mind, and thus we are becoming limited! The living entity becomes very limited in his perceptions”.

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