Transcribed by Hina

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Vrindavan, 2008)

Deep down in our heart, due to material attachment, still some hankering for material happiness is there. Even while we fully grasp – philosophically that it is not possible to be happy in this material world – still another part of us is desiring it. This desiring of happiness in this material world is very deeply rooted, and such desires may plague us for many years in our spiritual life! They burden us – they are like the rats that are eating at the roots of our spiritual life!

Our spiritual life is based on roots of faith – faith in Srila Prabhupada – in his works – in his example. Faith in the books that he presented – the authorised scriptures, his translations and his purports. Faith in the holy name, and we take shelter but, although the roots of our faith have grown – the rats of our material attachments are eating at the roots – still eating at our roots, all along.

How? How can we free ourselves from these rats? That is the question.

‘How can we overcome these always present lower nature, which, are always producing again and again sinful thoughts in our mind. Always, again and again pulls us a moment into considering:

“Shall I? No better not. I should! No…no.. I should try to enjoy this material energy”.

But, again and again the senses of the mind is captured. Again and again it is trapped, and as soon as we think:

“Well maybe this enjoyment is alright”.

Immediately, we get entangled! So, how can we just become free from such material desire?

‘Anartha upasamam saksad bhakti-yogam adhoksaje’

We have to have the patience to tolerate our material desires, until the heart is purified from anarthas, which is stored there from so many lifetimes from these impurities – these stumbling blocks – the remaining sinful reactions from so many lifetimes, that are still stored there and cause sinful inclinations!

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