(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney, March 2011)

Lord Caitanya became known to all the devotees as the Supreme Lord and it was not just a sentimental thing.  It is said that first Advaita Acarya recognised Nimai as the Supreme Lord.  Once Nimai came to his house and Advaita Acarya suddenly understood.  And then he just grabbed him, set him down and started offering arati and he said, “You will not escape me anymore!”  And he just began to chant (sanskrit), and he kept on repeating that mantra while worshiping Him.

Gadādhara Pandit walked in and said, “Acarya, what are you doing? Why are you worshipping Nimai Pandit?”
Advaita Acarya said, “Gadādhara, when will you understand? When will you understand? When will you see?”

Then Gadādhara started thinking and he said, “You mean that He is the one we are waiting for?”

So yes, He was the one!  And it is a fact – the devotees had long been waiting for an appearance of the Supreme Lord!  It wasn’t that: ‘Oh, here’s an avatar, suddenly by accident!  Jeez, look at that! The Supreme Lord has appeared!’
That wasn’t exactly how it was.  Advaita Acarya was worshiping, was worshiping daily in that mood to somehow or the other make the Lord appear!  And all the devotees were waiting!!

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