(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, May 2011)

It is the nature of the material energy. It is the nature that things in this world will manifest and that they will cease to exist, but our internal connection in devotional service with Krishna is the essence, and that has to be strengthened and strengthened. Nothing can interfere with that. Not our nature! Who cares about our nature?

To hell with our nature (excuse me) if it comes to our connection with Krishna. If that nature comes in the way with our connection with Krishna, then what is the use of being natural, or being an individual of ‘It’s my way, or I have to do it this way’.

But why? Are we pre-programmed robots who have to act according to the configuration of our hormones? Or our genetic cults? Why? Why do we have to dance like puppets?

When we reach thirteen years of age or younger and sex desire suddenly emerges, and we have to from that day on just be controlled by it.

“It’s my nature”.

“Why is it our nature?”

It’s the nature of your hormones – it’s not your nature, or not our nature. So like this one has to become internally very detached. One has to become very detached from what is dictated by the body. We have to internally – thoroughly understand that this is not me…this is not me! This is actually imposed upon me by the three modes of material nature:

‘ prakrti te kusumakaranugai, gunaya kukarmani samagreneha,

hum karma Gundia kam, katha mithi muncainam theha’

Actually the three modes of material nature are the ones that are ‘ doer’ and doing all these things and we are just going along. We are not the ‘doer’. Through our body – the three modes of material nature are imposing so many things upon us, and therefore, we have to thoroughly detach. Every devotee has to stop identifying with all these dictates. Srila Bhaktisiddanta writes this essay called: ‘The real and the apparent self’, and in that essay he makes a statement:

“For so long I have served you”. He is speaking to the body and the mind. Then he says:

“I will no longer identify….identify with all the things that you are dictating to me as my needs. I will no longer identify with them. I will simply only act for my one need…my need to deepen my relationship with Krishna”.

To some this may smell like the resolve of a Sanyasi who has this focus, but the Sanyasi is described as the spiritual master of all the ashrams and is meant to remind everyone of his duty, and it is said:

vyagra ninya ninya bhakti yogam’

That the sankirtan movement of Lord Caitanya is resting on this vyagra, and the vyagra is basically this vyagra – to stop identifying what is dictated to us through the material energy, through our body, mind, senses and so on.  Then we can take on the more important point, which is – ‘What is good for Krishna!’


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  1. we should serve krishna as much as we can hari bol give us mercy guru maharaj….