Transcribed by Hina

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Vrindavan, 2008)

The conditioned soul finds himself in a reduced state – in a state of diminished capacity, and in this state we are still trying to fulfil the fundamental need of the soul – which is expressed in the aphorism:
‘ Anandamaya-bhyasat‘ – that the living being is eternally pleasure seeking.

Thus we are seeking pleasure with still the same intensity, but now directed towards the insignificant material energy, and thus with great eagerness and great hope, we are trying to enjoy the material energy, hoping that there we will find fulfilment, but there is no question, of how tiny and how insignificant it is. Gradually our ignorance in our conception of the absolute truth is becoming smaller day by day, until we are convinced that there is only this life!

Srila Prabhupada said:

“How can one possibly think that in one small life, one can fulfil everything? Or
How can one find fulfilment in one little life?”

And yet people are desperately trying by thinking:

“This is all I have, this one little life and with this one little life I will squeeze out all the juice that I can!”

How different is the transcendental personality, who knows very well that happiness is not found in the relationship with the temporary material nature. Who knows very well that the relation with the temporary material nature is one that can bring him mainly suffering!

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