(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2002)
Queensday is such a day that you are out there in the middle of the volcano. It is wild…it is just madness everywhere, and we put in so much energy to somehow or other counteract…..to give mercy on that occasion, and in the cause of it we stretch our limits. That is the idea. We are stretching our limits to somehow or other to do it, and reach to a lot of people like that, but at the same time, after that, we should return to the spirit of meditation. After we have made a great endeavour, then we should always take the time to recharge the batteries, which means to meditate on Krishna.

Charged batteries means that our meditation on Krishna is there, and when the batteries are empty, it means that our meditation on Krishna is breaking. It means that we are doing the service, but we are not meditating on Krishna, and we are just busy with the service, which in itself is good, but It is mentioned that:

“As we surrender to Krishna – our capacity to remember Krishna is increasing, and then our capacity for service is increasing”

So with time our meditating is increasing and we begin to understand that the essence of Krishna Consciousness is meditation and we see that like Prabhupada who was on a constant meditation on Krishna, and that was the wonderful quality. His meditation on Krishna was so strong that when he was driving the car, and reading the neon signs, he saw ‘Caitanomi’. It didn’t say ‘Caitanomi’ but Prabhupada is reading it as ‘Caitanomi’.

We may also remember that Prabhupada saw an advertisement of a paint company that was showing how a pot was been turned upside down, and the paint was falling on the earth, and the whole planet was getting a different colour. Underneath it said:

“We change the face of the globe of the earth”.

Prabhupada said:

“That’s us!” When he saw that he said, “That’s us”.

In this way his meditation on Krishna was perfect, because it was for 24 hours! So we must come to this point!

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