(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Govinda Valley, March 2011)

Everyone is thinking: everything is for my pleasure, everything for my purposes, for my comfort, for my protection, yes, for my profit, for ME!  Yes, everything and everyone!  And if we change that mood: no, we and everything here is all for the one purpose – to serve the Supreme Lord, suddenly then, the world, instead of being divided, becomes united!  Suddenly we become harmonious.  If we recognise that all the energy, all the trees, all the grass, all the animals are part of Krsna’s creation, then automatically, automatically our attitude changes.  If this is Krsna’s property, then one who is the servant of Krsna cannot treat it like a rubbish bin.  That’s automatically taken care of.  Automatically there is respect.  We won’t just go with a chainsaw in the forest and see how many trees we can cut down in an hour!

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