After the Durban Ratha Yatra, our trip brought us back to Europe. Our plane landed in Frankfurt, Germany, and from there we went on to Radhadesh, Belgium. There Maharaja celebrated his glorious Vyasa-puja with many of his disciples and friends. The ceremony went on for hours with many devotees reading their offerings, giving gifts to Maharaja, and offering flowers to his feet. Even Sacinandana Maharaja came to speak about Kadamba Kanana Swami’s glories. It was a beautiful event which ended with a very nice and tasty feast.

Soon after the Vyasa-puja there was an initiation ceremony in the temple room, where thirteen devotees received initiation in front of the beautiful deities of Sri Sri Radha-Gopinatha (eleven first, and two second initiations). Maharaja chose beautiful names for his new disciples, like Loka Bandhu Dasa, Vishvambara Caitanya Dasa, and Kumari Kunti Devi Dasi.

If you cannot view the slide show below, please visit flikr.


  1. Ooops I just realised now!!! Of course it’s Jananivasa. DoH!
    I am a bit slow sorry Prabhu.
    CONGRATULATIONS my little brother. May always feel Guru Marahaja’s presence throughout your life, guiding you always.
    Great name! Guru Maharaja is so expert at amalgamating one’s legal name with a spiritual one.
    Jananivasa Prabhu ki, JAya!



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