In this age of Kali, when Krsna left for His transcendental abode, dharma and
knowledge left with Him and then the age of Kali began.  So it was at that point that
the age of Kali started and Srila Jiva Goswami was commenting and was explaining
that when Kali yuga entered, he entered the minds of the people whose intelligence
was asleep.  He said just like a thief goes into the places where people are asleep and
there he can enter and steal so many things.  But when you are awake then the thief
will give you a miss.  So I thought that was nice – that Kali entering in those who had
sleeping intelligence.  That was interesting.  So although the age of Kali is there,
Kali can only enter into the consciousness of those whose intelligence is sleeping.
So if the intelligence is wide awake one can be saved from Kali.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, February 2009, Melbourne, Australia)

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