The day after London Ratha Yatra, Maharaja flew to Stockholm, Sweden. It was Pani Hati Maha Mahotsava, and Maharaja gave the evening class describing the pastime which took place over 500 years ago upon the instruction of Nityananda Prabhu to Raghunatha Dasa Goswami.

In the days that followed, Maharaja gave morning Bhagavatam classes at the nearby BBT headquarters of north-east Europe. The classes dealt with the departure of Bhismadeva and Maharaja narrated inspiring stories from the Mahabharata in glorification of him.

In the evening, Maharaja gave classes at the Stockholm temple. The Swedish devotees received Maharaja in a very sweet way and each time he left the temple, they accompanied him to the car with a Harinama. During our last day in Sweden, Maharaja and some of his disciples met to perform some wonderful bhajanas outside the temple, enjoying the wonderful weather and the chanting of the holy name.
In this way, it was a very pleasant and inspiring stay.

If you want to listen to the lectures that Maharaja gave during his stay in Sweden, please visit the website of the Stockholm temple!


If you cannot view the slideshow below, please visit flickr.

Here are also some aditional pictures, taken by Nama Rupa Mataji. Please view them on picasa!


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