On Saturday morning Kadamba Kanana Maharaja together with Dhanavir Maharaja, instead of the Bhagavatam class, gave initiation to several devotees. Maharaja initiated two Czech devotees with the new names Janame Jaya Dasa and Jay Kesava Dasa. The ceremony was held in the temple room whereas the Yajna was performed in a tent outside.

Kadmaba Kanana Maharaja mainly spent the remainder of the last two days giving darshan to the devotees and participating and dancing in the many kirtanas, espacially those led and rocked by Trivikrama Maharaja. He also gave one Bhagavatam class on Sunday morning.

On Sunday afternoon Guru-Maharaja left to go back to Modra to get one night of good sleep before the major journey to South Afica on Monday.

If you cannot view this slide-show, please visit flickr.

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