(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm, June 2011)

Prabhupada was careful to engage the gift in the service of Krsna, to respect the gift, and to respect the relationship.

So (sanskrit) giving gifts, receiving gifts, (sanskrit), yes, discussing about Krsna Consciousness, but involving our heart, just from where we are – what is real,  so revealing one’s mind confidentially, (sanskrit) taking prasadum together….. Once we were taking prasadum together and Giriraj Maharaja was with us, and he said:

“It’s a proven fact that when cows eat together, then they give more milk.”

That’s proof of the benefit of taking prasadum together. So, exchanging prasadum, giving prasadum, receiving prasadum, .. these things are the formula to create friendship.

Okay, let’s begin and trust… (sanskrit) means trust to be trustworthy, to be favourable to another person, to accept someone, and to say:

“Okay, we’ll help!”

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