(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

There are many dimensions that remain unknown to us, and therefore from our present position in the material world, we cannot understand the spiritual world. So it is said that in the spiritual world there are also divisions. You can also see in this chart……how the rasas are manifesting in various realms.

It is said that in the spiritual world there are different areas – there are the planets of Vaikunthas, and above these planets of the Vaikunthas is Ayodhyā. Actually we could explain it more simpler. The spiritual realm is unlimited and it consists of the effulgence of Brahman. Within the effulgence of Brahman, there are unlimited Vaikuntha planets, and within that realm of Brahman, there is a huge area which takes up about half of it – which is Goloka, and it is in a form of a lotus with petals. On the petals of that lotus – just on the external side we find Ayodhyā, the abode of Lord Ram, and then on the inner side of the petals we find Dwarika. Then in the actual core we find Goloka!

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