(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

At one point all the little attachments to Krishna, just begin to take over. It’s just like certain games where you gradually fill up the whole board – like ‘Go’…don’t know if you have ever played ‘Go’, but you have the black and white pieces, and you put on more and more pieces. Eventually you fill up the whole board – well almost the whole board. So something like that, where the whole attachment is getting more and more dense! Just our whole life begins to be made up of attachments to Krishna:

‘Sandra nandana vishaya satmanah’

And the attachment begins to intensify…deeper and deeper! So this is the purpose! So we begin in a humble way. Rome wasn’t built in a day! It’s a fact when they say:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

But have you seen Rome? Have you really seen Rome? It’s something else. Come on….you know that Amsterdam is just a crummy City….New York is just glass and light…..just glass, steel, light and some stones! But what is there really? But with Rome – my God! Rome have their mosaics, and they are so fine that you cannot see any joints! Not just on the ceiling, but on the wall, and the mosaic panels are made of little coloured pieces of stones, glass and God knows what! But they are so intricately made that you cannot see any joints….that’s not easy. So Rome wasn’t built in a day, without a doubt!

So, we just begin humbly, and we begin to develop some attachments for Krishna, that’s the idea – some attachments, and we do some – and how do we do it? By doing a little service without asking anything in return. That’s exciting, and give it your best! You are giving it your best without anything in return, and that’s when the devotion comes out and there is some taste in that – we develop a little attachment. You come to do it again……..and you do it again, so it becomes like:

“Yeah the taste is there!”

You begin……you continue, and it then begins to grow! So you do more of it……more and more!

‘Sandra nandana vishyaya satmanah’

Until the whole ‘Go’ board is full of pieces and gradually it is covered with attachments to Krishna in different ways! So we are working towards that goal!

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