(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban – South Africa, April 2011)

The more we are chanting the maha-mantra, the more we are becoming freed from the sinfulness of Kali, and that is of course the first benefit of chanting – that one becomes freed from the influence of ignorance and darkness.  One meaning of the name Krsna – ‘Krish’ is dark and ‘na’ means no – no more darkness.  So ‘Krsna’ means that we become free from the influence of ignorance in the material world.  Then comes the other translation of the word ‘Krsna’, which means – ‘Krish’ for a person or the one who can attract, and ‘na’, for ananda, for happiness.  Then we come to (Sanskrit) the higher taste in Krsna Consciousness, where we become attracted to Krsna.

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