(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Canberra, March 2011)

When the Holy Name is being chanted, Krsna is at the same time giving darsana.  This is the secret of chanting – that simultaneously we are making an offering, and simultaneously Krsna is revealing himself – darsana meaning that Krsna is actually showing himself.

Drstidrsti means to see.  So Krsna makes himself seen in the chanting of the Holy Name.  Therefore the spiritual master is always taking great pleasure, (Sanskrit), he is taking great pleasure in chanting and dancing also – great pleasure in that!  And in this way he is experiencing great ecstacy.  (Sanskrit) Sometimes even the hairs on his body stand on ends in such ecstacy!

Why? Is this just a mystic experience? It may be, but it is also simply practical.  Because, after all, if we actually appreciate who Krsna is, how wonderful Krsna really is, what Krsna’s qualities actually are, then we realise that with Krsna, we are dealing with the most amazing person!

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