(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm, June 2011)

In the past man was naturally religious, but in modern time we are so impressed by our own strength:

“Oh, the things we can do! Oh it is amazing! We have nuclear power plants and three hundred and fifty in the world! And each of these monsters can blow up a whole Country if it explodes!”

But of course, we can control it and there is a control meltdown. But then all the toxic etc are entering into the air, and into the water and so on….and just wait upon us. Like this, man is also playing with great powers of nature – like a child playing with matches, and it is destined to go wrong sooner or later. It is destined to get out of hand, and to get out of control, because we are unleashing powers that we cannot control.

Second grade radioactive material, which is still severely deadly, out of all contact. It stays toxic for three thousand years, which is a long time, and what do we do with that kind of waste? We pack it in barrels and drums, then we caste concrete around it – a good layer of concrete and we throw it in the sea. What is the duration of life in the concrete? Ask any engineer. One hundred years he says. Maybe under water with the oxygen it might last slightly longer, if we cross our fingers and hope that everything goes well. But how long? Even if it was to last for two hundred years.

Then the ocean will get very toxic and the funny thing is that all those people who throw them into the ocean will reincarnate and reside in the areas where the activities will be at its worst. They are creating their own hell for the future and they think:

“Oh well, that’s not our problem. It’s the problem of the future generations. They also have to solve something”.

So they are not caring. They know very well that they are giving a lot of problems to the future generations, but they do not realise that they will be the future generation themselves! But such is the nature of karma, and such is the nature of laws of the Supreme Lord, which are not at all impersonal, but personal! Therefore life, as it happens to us is personally designed for us.

We get it exactly as we deserve, that is why there is no reason to lament. There is no reason to lament for everything that happens in our life, because simply everything is just like a reflection – everything is just coming back from what we have created, or what we have done.
So in this way, one can as a devotee gradually, at least philosophically begin to accept, and then when we philosophically accept that everything comes from the Supreme Lord, then with time one can emotionally not get involved, – that may take more time. Within time gradually we can emotionally accept that:

“Actually whatever happens is ok. Its simply for our purification and its designed for nothing more!”

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