(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Amsterdam, 2010)

Empowerment means that even when we can do something, we don’t… we let others do it so that in the course of doing it, they grow and become powerful. The whole sankirtan movement is based on this principle where Lord Caitanya lets others to do. This is also the principal of devotional service. Therefore Prabhupada said: In the material world, if you want a job you have to go for a job interview and they are testing if you have the qualifications… but in spiritual life, first you get the position and then the qualification.

That’s the nature of spiritual life because it’s based on the principle of empowerment!

So Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu wants us to distribute the fruit. Because it is said that when you distribute the fruit you have, afterwards you will find that you have more than you had before. So that is also there. And in our vaishnava community, the same principle of empowerment is needed which means that if there is someone who can do what we are doing, then let them do… but then what will we do? If we let others who come up behind us take over by giving them some support and help… what will we do?

If we give someone our service, then we try and do a bigger service! Each service is a preparation for the next…

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