(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

If you go by statistics, than enough people become involved in Krishna Consciousness – and so many thousands were, and where are they now! They came. Sometimes they call this movement a revolving door…a revolving door and people come in, they spin around and then they go out from the other side. That is what is going on – the revolving door. So basically we are speaking about the revolving door dynamics! But they will come in and they shoot back out – and they will come in again – then they shoot back out again……come in again and gradually they will stay longer. So you have to look at it over a longer time span. We are just looking at it at a too shorter time span.

So many people interrupt their connection with Krishna Consciousness for a while and then they pick it back up. All along they are still thinking about it and its still working in that….. and they took a little distance…….then they get back into it. So its not like all those people who went through the revolving doors came in, and went forever – never to come back… it’s not like that. Once touched – it doesn’t just go away, it’s an ongoing fermentation process! That’s what you see, if you look at it over a longer time span, than it may take longer than one life… that’s all – it’s not a big deal. Some people do it over a couple of lives! Whilst some do it over many years!

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