(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

It’s difficult to think that this world is paradise. Even on LSD the world was a paradise – for a while and then it went the other way! I did take it and I particularly know how it feels. It was in an exotic Country, and I thought:

“ I hope there are no snakes in these fields”.

The next moment, I saw a whole field of snakes…all these snakes! The whole field was full of snakes! I thought:

“ Stay calm… turn around. Just turn your back and look the other direction! Just look in the other direction!”

And there were no snakes on the other side…lucky. What if there would have been snakes on the other side. It could have been easy to stay calm and walk away. So, what can we say! Anyone who thinks that this world is paradise….Srila Prabhupada says:

“ He’s right! This world is a paradise! It is…. fools paradise! It’s a fools paradise!”

So therefore, one who is looking for knowledge begins to think deeper and sees that happiness is the distress in this world, and then says:

“What’s the point in trying to enjoy it, when you are destined to get distressed”.

Therefore we want some liberation. We want some relief from this distress!

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