(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

In one of the first ‘Back To Godhead’ – on the front page there was a picture of a butcher, who was attacking a cow with an axe.
Prabhupada said:

“What is this?”

“Well…it’s an article against meat eating”.

So Prabhupada said:

“We are not against anything. We are for Krishna! So, it is not our business to be against this and against that! No, it is our business to be for Krishna, and for Krishna means no meat, because Krishna doesn’t accept meat.”

But, we are not singling out so many things – we are against this, and against that. No Prabhupada said:

“We are for Krishna”.

Our standard is simply for the desire of Krishna. Whatever Krishna desires, and that is in the Bhagavad Gita, where he makes his desires clear!

Also when dealing with Kali Yuga, we cannot just spend all our time saying:

” How horrible people are, how degraded people are, how corrupted people are and so on”.

That will take us away from Krsna. If we talk the whole day about how bad the Kali Yuga is, then how much will we talk of how wonderful Krsna is?

In that way you become what you deal with! That’s very dangerous! Therefore, we should simply focus on our own business, and that’s the strength of our movement! We are simply going to glorify Krsna everywhere and always!

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