(Kadamba Kanada Swami, 2001)

Prabhupada said:

“Lord Krishna is acyuta – he is infallible. Acyuta – being infallible he will never fall down!”

But the living entity is potentially a spark – Krishna is fire and the living being is like spark. So a spark due to its insignificance, when it is in contact with the fire will also burn like fire! But, when it is not in contact with the fire then it will no longer burn like fire and will become extinguished. So, potentially the living being can extinguish its natural Krishna Consciousness and leave its natural condition to an artificial state of consciousness.

Just as water has various forms in which it can exist. For example, in its ordinary liquid form, or in the form of ice, and when it exists in the form of ice, it can again return to its natural fluid state of water, but when it is ice, than it is not at all acting like water. It has a whole different nature and a different effect. So in the same way in the conditioned state, the living being has totally different features, than its original state, and in its conditioned state, the living entity is fundamentally in a state of never being fulfilled – of always being searching and seeking for happiness. Whereas in the spiritual world there is constant ecstasy, fulfilment and of course also seeking for further ecstasy – eternally increasing and eternally continuing. So we must first of all guard ourselves from the onset!

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