(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

The best is to simply glorify Krsna and that’s what Prabhupada did. He didn’t care about such things like, where he was, or who the audience was. He would just glorify Krsna, and that’s the essence, because the purity is the force – not intellectualism, if we are intellectually try to cater for the audience.  Prabhupada said:

“In our preaching, we are not trying to please audience, but we are trying to please Krsna. That’s an important point!”

We are faithful to pleasing Krsna. We are not trying to present ourselves in such a way that the audience will be pleased. No! If we are in our speech we are trying to please Krsna, then automatically people will be attracted, because purity will be there – that is guaranteed.  So we should simply please Krsna!

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