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The southern-most city on the African continent and famous for landmarks such as the confluence point of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, Table Mountain and Robben Island, Cape Town is also home to Sri Sri Nitai Mayapurchandra, the presiding Deities of a cosmopolitan temple/preaching centre. Kadamba Kanana Maharaja arrived here late on Friday afternoon and immediately attended a house program.

The evening began with an energetic, hour-long bhajana session. The theme of FAITH dominated the class that followed and Maharaja patiently and descriptively answered questions, even one that came from a 6-year old!

Despite being in the middle of a cold and rainy winter, the weekend weather turned out so good that he accompanied some of the disciples on a japa-walk along the Seapoint promenade on Saturday afternoon. And later that day, at another house program, Maharaja sketched a biography of his early days in Iskcon and reflected on the CAUSELESS MERCY that was showered upon him by the Lord and the vaishnavas.

Sunday began with a highly scholarly class from the Caitanya-caritamrta where he emphasized his great love for the epic book and how it provides our identity as devotees. Later that day, Maharaja led an extended bhajana session at the start of the weekly afternoon program that left the crowd literally breathless. His class thereafter focused on ADJUSTMENTS in spiritual life and the insignificance of short-comings of a devotee who renders devotional service.

Enjoy the photos!

If you cannot view the slide show, please visit flickr!

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