(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)

I once did a seminar in 1999 which was called:

“From 66 to 99”.

‘In the 66 we are all going back to the spiritual world and if you look at the Back to Godhead magazine, and it’s just one success after another….and here’s our new temple in this country and that country…they are preaching everywhere…it is growing and growing! It’s all blissful and Prabhupada is in the centre of it all’.

So in ‘66’ we are all going back to Godhead, then:

‘In 99 if your Guru is a parama-puruṣārtha then theoretically it is possible that you could go back to Godhead in this lifetime, although it never really happens. Therefore prepare yourself that it is going to take many many births. You know, you may as well therefore be honest…. Prabhu!’

Well since ‘99’ quite some years have passed. It is now 2011. We have seen that when we pursue too much; when we get too psychological; too much concerned with my nature, my needs…then at the end of the day what will still be done for Krishna? Then you get temples were there are more deities than devotees! Then you wonder:

“Well is this really how it was meant to be?”

So therefore the good old spirit of sacrifice….it’s old fashioned… I know, since some may say:

“ Old fashioned and old fascist”.

Whatever it is, it works! It really does work. I think that we cannot make it any softer than it is. Without sacrifice it will not really be possible to break through to the more advanced stages of devotional service.

Not that it was done with harshness in the past. When leaders were calling for sacrifice in the mode of passion. They were in the mode of passion and were pushy and sometimes inconsiderate! They were driving people into sacrificing without considering that there were also personal needs – that is not good! Boundaries are required but if our mediation is not sacrificed then it will be hard to rise above these strong material desires, and then the question is:

“How do you conquer sex desire?”

Again and again the question comes up:

“What about sex desire? What about it?”

The only answer is:

“Get really absorbed in devotional service!”

That is the only answer…there is no other answer!

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