(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

We are somehow or other trying to get enlivened in our Krishna Consciousness by cultivating Krishna Consciousness. See no one can say:

“I’m not feeling enlivened in Krishna Consciousness. It’s such a struggle…it doesn’t work!”

The answer is:

“No that ‘it’ doesn’t work! That word ‘it’ is where you make the mistake…it is ‘you’. You should change the word ‘it’ for ‘you’. That is the problem – it works but you’re not working!”

“No! I’m working like anything. No… I’ve done so much service and I’m running around….chanting….and getting up really early everyday. I am doing so many things and there is no time”.

No…no…no! You are just running around….that’s okay, but you are not working properly. Working in Krishna Consciousness means that we must perform the activities as I have explained by Rupa Goswami. This book is our map, so when we get lost, we take the Nectar of Devotion book, and here it is.We take this book and when we read it. Especially the first fourteen chapters, which they gave it to us….again and again. In there the whole five potent forms of devotional service is in chapter thirteen:

‘Techniques of hearing and remembering; further consideration of devotional principles; offenses to be avoided; evidence regarding devotional principles’.

If you have any doubt, then read it again…again – the evidence….the strong evidence! So that we become really fixed up and in this way devotional service surpasses all liberation! All liberation means all freedom from pain!

We are looking for relief, but to create us relief is devotional service, which is right here! So any doubt, then read it again….ten times on that chapter! So in this way eligibility of the candidate for accepting devotional service is all described.

‘How we can all become eligible…..the first stage of devotion….the characteristics of pure devotional service’.

All these things are given and if we follow the Nectar of Devotion, then surely it will work in Krishna Consciousness… without a doubt it works for everyone, and that’s the idea!

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