(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

As we are developing our devotional practise very nicely, then the transformation will take place by the causeless mercy of the Lord and we begin to develop qualities. When we begin to develop qualities then things change; our whole life will change; the environment will change; everything will change. Just like it is described about the six Goswamis:

‘Dhīrādhīra-jana-priyau priya-karau’.

They were dear to the gentle and the ruffians…they were dear to everybody. Even to heavy dudes……another word for ‘ruffians’. Even to all kinds of most degraded personalities, they were still highly respected and appreciated. So this is the natural feature of a vaisnava. Then in all directions everything becomes auspicious!

In all directions there are so many opportunities to spread Krishna Consciousness. So we must somehow or other ourselves become embodiments of the teachings of Krishna. So that’s where this Nectar of Devotion book is like one of the pillars of our spiritual life… it is the map of spiritual life, and every devotee should read this book – especially the beginning chapters!

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