(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

Sometimes there are tests and we do not pass them. Yes it means that we did not do our homework! Before the test if you do not do your homework, then you might fail the test, although it’s within your capacity to pass it. So in that way we may fail certain tests, but we have the means, and if we carefully take shelter of the process of Krishna Consciousness, then we will not fail the tests, but if we are not careful and inattentive to take shelter properly of the process of devotional service, then we might fail the test and we might feel that so many tests are too much for us!

As soon as we start to take the process of devotional service again(this is a nice thing)that even if you fail in devotional service; even if you fall down from the process; or deviate from the process, then there is no need for any atonement, since all you have to do is immediately take up the process again and immediately you are situated again….properly on the path and there is no loss!

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