(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

There are so many approaches towards spirituality. Like we are seeing descriptions of shamanism. Shamanism is in the vedic tradition is also found amount the shaktas. The shaktas are trying to get some power. They are trying to develop power so that they can control and conquer the material energy, and by some spiritual process they try to increase their power so that they will no longer be pushed around by the material energy!

It is a fact, that everyone is pushed around by the material energy. No matter what they do, it happens to us. The material energy is such that it relentlessly attacks everyone! Like I just got a letter and someone was in Kanpur on the railway station and it was the day after Ram Navami and suddenly a little dizzy spell and the next moment….the hospital with a cut on the head…fainted and bleeding….concussion and all that – it happens, since this is the way the material nature strikes!

We go for a drive and wind up two months in a cast or six weeks in what ever it is with a big leg in a plaster. So no one expects it, but it happens and then there is nothing we can say. So we are pushed by the material nature – like a ball on the waves; Like a little straw in the wind. Sometimes it is mentioned:

‘trnād api sunīcena
taror api sahisnunā’

That we must be humble like a straw in the street. One can imagine the straw is just blown by the wind! So we are being blown by the wind in this world. The material nature pushes us. Sometimes it gives us good things or bad things. So the shakta or the shaman are trying to gain power by which they can control this material energy.

Shamanism is especially preoccupied with attaining siddhis. We see that within the Tibetan and Buddhism that shamanism is there; Amongst Indian tribes shamanism is also there; In India it is seen in the tantra. But, other than that it is simply bound to fail – it is an underestimation of the power of the material energy, because no amount of mystic power is adequate to conquer the material energy! It is impossible to conquer the material energy through that means! One will be betrayed, although one’s success of the mystic power maybe extraordinary for sometime!


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    Hare Krishna! I think the first sentence of the last paragraph would make more sense if it says “siddhis” instead of “Cities”. Thank you for the great quotes!
    ys Tattvavati dd