(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2004)

So to utilize one’s time, one has to constantly engage one’s time in the service of Krishna – every moment. No breaks…no, nothing else. No prajalpa! Prajalpa is one of the big distractions! The funny thing about prajalpa is that who wants it actually?

It is very strange that we all are part of it when we get together as vaisnavas and prajalpa starts happening, and nobody actually wants to say:

“What are you doing here? Why are we talking about this rubbish? Why are we not talking about Krishna?”

Because ultimately everyone wants to be a devotee, and everyone wants to talk about Krishna, but somehow or other due to social convention and conditioning, the prajalpa starts happening. Certain sort of social ways that people behave, and we have fallen into patterns. So we just talk to complex things, because we are conditioned to behave like that with other people. There is a certain style of behaviour that gives you some security and you just act like that and talk like that, and all this prajalpa comes out and nobody feels that its enlivening! Have you ever had that experience?

I sometimes sat with the pure devotees and think:

“Do they really want to talk about this? I don’t think that they want to talk about this either! I don’t want to talk about it…..they don’t want to talk about it…..nobody wants to talk about it!”

So prajalpa is one big time waster! There are so many time wasters, and I spoke about prajalpa in particular, because it’s kind of happening in our own world!

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