It is the mercy of the devotees that we are looking for because they have pleased Krsna.  So they have credit with Krsna. Well in this world it also works like that; if someone has very good relationships with a big person, well that’s very helpful to have such a connection because that will open many doors! It’s who you know in this world they say.

Well you know, Prabhupada knows Krsna very well! Quite close! And he also knows Lord Caitanya who is extremely merciful and very connected! So when Prabhupada prays, it helps a lot. When Prabhupada says, ‘please accept these devotees who chant 16 rounds and follow 4 regulative principles,’ that helps a lot! And that is the whole principle of Lord Caitanya’s movement, it is based on that mercy; it is based on the pure devotees who are praying.

(Kadmaba Kanana Swami, Preoria, South Africa, 2011)

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