(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

Our main problem is that we ourselves too are contaminated with material selfishness. That we think about ourselves:

‘What am I getting?’

Instead of:

‘What am I giving?’

This is the point. In Krishna Consciousness the essence is to give, and if we preoccupy ourselves from morning till night about giving instead about receiving:

‘Am I getting the right things?’

Am I getting the good facility?’

‘Am I getting….getting…..getting?’

Instead of worrying about getting, if we are getting in the spirit of giving then we will conquer our mind, our senses and we will be totally inspired in the service of the Lord! This is our aim; this is our objective; this is our meditation. Even while we may sometimes struggle with our tendencies to receive. Even while we are hankering to receive, we must preach to ourselves.

The reason why we are always again and again hearing and studying Krishna conscious philosophy is not that we are just becoming expert preachers for others, but first of all we are becoming expert preachers for ourselves……to preach to ourselves – that is an essential element! One must at times when the mind takes over,than we have to speak to ourselves:

“Ok, now you are on the mental platform. Just see you will allow yourself to totally go into this mind. Now is the time to chant. Now it’s the time to get very busy in devotional service. This is your only saving grace”.

And then we should act upon it. So this is the process that we do not allow the mind to control. Rather we control the mind by just preaching to ourselves and acting on the platform of intelligence which tells us to engage in devotional service and in taking shelter of the holy name. This is the way… it works!

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  1. Bhakta Michael on

    Wow…. And that is the some total… Thanks for sharing Maharaja’s amazing practical instruction!
    Hare Krishna!