(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Berlin 2010)

It’s not just in the external hocus pocus, but it is really in how much one makes a sacrifice within that makes it meaningful, it’s not so much in a saffron,…or  in different mixes:

‘Are you going for Loy Bazaar Pink or are you going for Chowpatty yellow or are you going for rock dye, or are you going for the old mix; good old orange and yellow- number fifity five and number six?’

So in this way there all expressions of one’s personality;

‘Are we going for the border, South Indian Style?’

‘Are we going for the thick tilaka?’

‘Are we going for the shika the size of the back of our head, or are we leaving an eternal beard of three days to look casual?’

‘Are we going for beads around our neck with leaves with Holy Name all over and putting Kavacas on the left and on the right?’

‘Does your brahmana thread have twelve strings or does it have 6 or does it have three… what is it?’

So all these things they can be meaningful only… if they became part of a sacrifice.


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