(Kadamba Kanana Swami, February 2011)

A pure devotee is in the material world but only externally so. His focus is not on the material energy, and even upon looking at the material energy he always see it as a connection with Krishna. He sees everything simply as an expansion of Krishna!

The conditioned soul may look up at the sky and the luminaries in the sky and wonder what is out there? He may consider:

‘What is out there in the universe?’

But the pure devotee is not having any such questions. He is seeing Krishna and how everything originates from Krishna as well as everything is simply emanating from Krishna. He sees everywhere Krishna’s energy and in this way he is not for a moment bewildered by this material energy. He rather see Krishna.

The material energy may show different features. Features of extraordinary beauty and ghastly features! And whenever a conditioned soul sees a form of beauty he melts (or she melts). He melts immediately and develops a desire to enjoy this particular object. That is the nature of material contemplation!

But such contemplation doesn’t arise in the pure devotee. It is not that he is living in a constant battle by seeing the temptation of the all attractive material energy and saying:

“No I choose Krishna!”

That is the position of the sādhaka who his engaging in the process of pure devotional service, but who within his heart may still be confronted with remnants of material attachments. But one who is truly absorbed in appreciating Krishna…..absorbed in appreciating that service to Krishna is the only activity, and who is always from moment to moment thinking about devotional service to Krishna – such a devotee has no interest in the material energy!

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