(H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cologne, Germany, August 2011)

Devotees should be very complete personalities, it is about developing all the aspects of a personality and we should be complete human beings. This is something that really attracts me to Prabhupada, namely that not only that he is the great, exalted, pure devotee and completely on the topmost transcendental platform but at the same time he is so human, so very human in his dealings. And that endears him to me very much, that combination. I’m thinking that if we also can reach that then that will be wonderful.

Sometimes I see devotees, they reach up to the lotus feet of Krsna in great devotion and there they do very good but they don’t come back down in their human dealings. Then I feel that it is incomplete because when there is a movement of devotees who are spiritually very deep and realised and at the same time on the human platform, then that’s when I feel, yes,yes I want to be a part of this movement. Then I want to be a Hare Krsna after all. Then I can say okay then, then I’ll do it, then I’ll be there.

That’s what I want, a wonderful movement of wonderful devotees.

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