Sometimes you see these pictures of a man looking for a guru and he’s climbing up a mountain….and finally he gets on the top of the mountain and there’s a big monitor with ‘google’ on it! This is the situation of this age. We have become brain dead gradually, gradually becoming more and more dull, books are being written on how the computer and especially the internet has changed the thought pattern of people. I read the title of a book about this topic- “is the internet making us stupid?” It is a fact, the internet is making us stupid because before we use to think, now we search…Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura writes in his essay called “ethics of the Bhagavata” that actually when we are reading, that reading is not merely meant for retention of knowledge but that rather, one should be creative with that knowledge and take that knowledge and think of how to apply that knowledge. It’s not merely meant for storage, as nowadays where you just throw it on your hard disk…
(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, September 2009,  Durban, SA)

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