Transcribed by Dahani dd

Fruska Gauranga, Serbian Summer Camp


… Now, the interesting part is the topic of empowerment. Nakula Brahmacari became empowered in an extraordinary way. But empowerment is a very important principle in our spiritual life, because improvement means that Krishna will give us power which goes beyond our own ability.

See, for example, I am from Holland, it is a very flat country and very low. There is a lot of water around, and every field is just flat and it has water around it on four sides, little canals. So Dutch boys – they play with that. We all go and jump over the canals. Sometimes they are two meters wide, sometimes three, sometimes four… You know… It’s a fun game. Everybody knows for himself what he can and cannot do. Three meters – ok, four meters – maybe, but five meters – no, not really!

So, like that, we calculate. And life is all about calculation! We calculate if we can cross the round before the car comes, we calculate what we can do with our money, we calculate how we can deal with people, and we calculate how much we can say to a certain person: to one a little more than to another one… Anyway, when the element of empowerment comes into our life it means that somehow all the calculations are no longer valid. And that I find very interesting.

Because we always think: I am limited in this way, I can only do so much. And in our spiritual life we are fearful. We are afraid to just give up what we have… We all calculate like that: I will nicely renounce the things I didn’t want any way, but somehow or other I’ll engage all things that I want to in Krishna’s service, of course. On my nice car I’ll put a new number plate: 4 U Krishna  (for you Krishna)… Like that, we are afraid to let go. And we are calculating little by little, we let go of a little and then we see: what mercy has Krishna given me now? And if He gives me some, then I’ll let go of some more.  And in this way we don’t advance, in this way for years we just stay in same old position… Stay kanistha adhikari -those who have kamala sraddha, weak faith.  Whereas the madhyama adhikari should put full faith in the instruction of Krishna and just believe: that is where happiness is to be found! Even if on the material plain it doesn’t look logical, I’ll put my faith in the scripture. And then Krishna will help.

This element of empowerment is element where Krishna gives us strength. That would be available for such devotees. So empowerment begins for those who are ready to rely on Krishna. And then, of course, the more and more one relies on Krishna, the more Krishna will arrange…



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