(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden, 2010)

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi

I was reading  a book called the ‘Prema-vivarta’ which was written by Jagadānanda Pandita who had a hot nature. He was very learned and knew very well what vedic duties were according to ones position and ashram.He also knew that Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as a sannyāsī, was supposed to live a renounced life, and yet he got him two jugs of first class perfumed oil. So Lord Caitanya said:

“I am a sannyāsī. So what will I do with perfumed oil? It can be taken to the temple of Lord Jaganath and burnt in the lamps and thus it can be very nicely used.”

So Jagadānanda Pandita took those jugs away and smashed them on the floor out of anger in Kāśī Miśra’s house, were Lord Caitanya was staying. Later, when there was an enquiry about this Jagadānanda Pandita simply said:

“Nothing is going on!”

When he left, he was very very angry and he was fasting. So it became a problem, and Lord Caitanya was getting concerned and wondered what to do. So finally, Lord Caitanya sent His messenger Govinda to say that:

“The Lord was also fasting and that he would not eat until Jagadānanda Pandita cooked for him”

So he had to come out of his angry mood, and cook for the Lord and then Govinda offered him the remnants. Now fasting out of anger for Jagadānanda Pandita was a big thing, but when it came to getting the remnants from Lord Caitanya, how could he refuse it? And he was forced to eat and then later Lord Caitanya had said:

“When the cook is angry the preparations are even tastier!”

Then Jagadānanda Pandita became even more angry! So like this, Lord Caitanya is playing with the sentiments of his devotees and is pulling out stronger and stronger emotions in us, so in this way we are getting more and more experience, making us more and more attached to Krishna!

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