(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden, 2010)

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi

Uddhava was very qualified as he was the disciple of Brihaspati. Brihaspati is the spiritual master of the demigods and he is the Lord of speech, because he had unlimited knowledge. He really knew everything about everything. There may be many spiritual masters who all have perfect knowledge because they know, what is the goal of life. They know what is the essence, although they may not know every tiny detail that is described in the scriptures.

Brihaspati was truly like a living encyclopaedia. So as soon as you brought up a topic, Brihaspati knew everything about it. So there was a constant river of information coming out from his mouth and therefore his disciple Uddhava was extremely learned! It was Uddhava who was chosen by Krishna to remain behind after Krishna had already left the planet, so that he could enlighten the devotees who stayed behind.

One day Krishna instructed Uddhava in great detail so that he could remain behind. It was Vidura who met Uddhava. Vidura realised how Krishna had instructed Uddhava, so that he could instruct him. Just by seeing how Krishna had made arrangements for him, had deeply touched Vidura making him over whelmed with tears.

So, Krishna captures so many devotees by making arrangements for them, and in that we find freedom. So, it is difficult to understand how one becomes a servant and surrenders and surrenders……and how is it that one becomes free? Because it looks like we are giving our freedom by voluntarily surrendering, even though it is out of love, but still we are getting freedom from frustration!

In this world, one is always frustrated to some degree, some less, or some more. That is the nature of material world – to be frustrated! It is said that one speaks being frustrated, well that is our condition. We are just not getting what we want, we are getting something else instead, which is alright, but it is not exactly what we wanted and therefore we are not satisfied. But in Krishna Consciousness one becomes fulfilled!



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